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The Future of Private Equity Resource Management is here

The world's first end-to-end workflow solution for Private Equity.

We aim to simplify the process for borrowers to manage, expand and enhance their relationships while providing a streamlined workflow platform to manage and track deals.


Find new capital solutions by sourcing the most deal appropriate debt capital providers


Develop connections through invitation and Teaser exchange while marketing to potential counterparties


Execute NDA’s, exchange and compare Deal Grids, manage Q&A and dataroom info and execute documents. 


Manage teams, projects, relationships and much more

Discover Algorithmic Deal Matching

The PEC Solution


Relationship Management

Discover and connect with a vastly expanded pool of counterparty relationships using our unique algorithm. Track firmwide relationships on the PEC Dashboard

Workflow Management

Create, share, collaborate on documents and manage your projects using PEC proprietary software solutions for NDA exchanges, grid exchanges and documentation negotiation

Team Management

Manage the team, assign tasks, set deadlines and easily communicate across the internal and external project team

Document Retrieval & Storage

PEC Data Rooms provide the ability to share, edit, sign, seal and store and retrieve documents using our proprietary meta search function


The PEC Advantage



Create a firm profile to connect with a universe of counterparties never previously accessible



Blockchain secured document collaboration and management with end-to-end encryption


Cost Management

Significantly reduce or eliminate expenses related to deal management


Data Driven Decision Making

Use PEC industry wide data to track the trends in the industry and make decisions on counterparties, investments, hiring and much more

The PE Connected Future

Sign up and invite colleagues and third party service providers to collaborate on potential deals.

Create a unique firm profile to highlight deal capabilities and market within the investment ecosystem.


Lenders - determine lending and deal interest characteristics to power algorithmic search.

Borrowers - create a project and specify investment deal requirements for the matching algorithms.


Borrowers - match with and select the highest ranked Lenders for deals. Also invite existing relationships to participate.

Lenders - receive introductions to new Borrowers that best match your Investment characteristics.


Collaborate with deal counterparties sharing all relevant documents through PEC data rooms.

Fully control the pre Investment process on platform through, NDA, Teaser, Deal Grid and exchange of credit agreement features.

PEC Platform Solutions

Connect with an expanded universe of potential market counterparties

Manage, control and analyze deals and centralize work practices

Collaborate on, work with, store and search for documents securely


PEC Match

Algorithmic, Criteria and Meta discovery mechanisms allow curated or freeform search


PEC Deal Grids

Upload and share Deal Grid structures with individual or multiple counterparties. Word and spreadsheet features highlight differences and responses to allow easy deal comparisons across versions and counterparties.



The PEC Virtual Data Room securely stores documents created or uploaded onto the platform.

Utilize integrated data rooms to upload historical documents maximizing the power of PEC Scan and increasing future compatibility as a lender for more deal flow introduction.


PEC Technology

PE Connection runs on AWS’s cloud computing service. We encrypt and store the data we receive and ensure all data is secure and accessible at all times via the cloud


PEC Scan

The elastic search technology employed by PEC Scan revolutionizes document discovery and search. Eliminate lost hours locating documents spread across diverse company systems and databases.


PEC Edit & PEC Sign

PEC’s document editor ensures all project documents can be maintained within a secure platform ecosystem and once agreement has been reached PEC Sign will enable all authorized parties to sign documents from NDA’s through to final commitment letters.

Watermarking and Sealing functions allow for certainty in document fidelity and distribution protection.


PEC Dashboard & Analytics

Track and analyze company projects centrally via custom dashboards. Look holistically or drill down to individual deal progress metrics. Track milestones, project pipelines and Team activity with calendar and quantitative tool sets.

View network history searches and other metrics to determine compatibility with future deal opportunities.

Real-time activity feeds and email prompts serve as a reminder of pending tasks that require attention.


PEC Security

Invite team members to collaborate on a project and set entitlements. The PEC security overlay, including Blockchain technology ensures that all documents will remain uncompromised. Document watermarking, sealing and revocable printing rights provides further security.


A secure, distributed infrastructure includes administration tools for control and visibility in keeping data safe.


Share information securely with deal counterparties, advisors and your team.

PE Connection is a financial technology company.

We believe there is a better way to find, connect and collaborate with counterparties in the private equity industry. We focus on providing intuitively designed products and services to achieve this end through our platform.

We’re a new company with deep financial market and technology experience founded on the belief of data driven decision making. This helps us simplify marketplace practices and workflows for the benefit of our clients, reducing costs and opening up new opportunities for them to connect in the debt markets.

We want to help you connect.

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